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Register your creations with ease, get your certificate of authorship quickly and rest easy knowing that your intellectual assets are safe. is a registration service that uses the latest technologies to protect copyright and intellectual property quickly, with absolute privacy and international coverage (valid in over 179 countries).

Ideal for the protection of artistic works, scientific works and trade secrets.

Sistema enotar.ioAdvantages

Digital proof of authorship creates legitimate proof that you are the original creator of the works and protects them for life.

Lifetime certificates

Certificates are valid for life plus 70 years after the author's death. They are publicly accessible.

International coverage processes registrations with international coverage and legal validity recognised in all countries that are signatories to international intellectual property treaties such as the Universal Copyright Convention, the Berne Convention, the Beijing Treaty and the Rome Convention.

Latest technology uses blockchain technology to store information so it can never be lost, altered or deleted.

Absolute privacy

By guaranteeing absolute privacy, the confidentiality of the work is protected and unauthorised third parties are prevented from accessing or misusing it.

How to get started with

Registering your copyright has never been easier, offers a versatile service where you can register your works in minutes and from the comfort of your home or office.

Here's how:

📲 Create an account

Create an account using Google or log in with your email address without a password.

🪙 Get credits

Get credits redeemable for copyright or trade secret registrations. Credits will be credited to your account, can be redeemed at any time and do not expire.

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💡 Use our tools has an application containing tools for copyright and intellectual property registration, where you can also manage your registered works, as well as view, download or share your certificates.

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📃 Start registering

Next you need to enter our registration tool where you can register your works easily and quickly.

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Select a category✅ Get your certificate

Once you have completed registration you will receive a certificate of authorship which will be stored in your account and can be viewed, downloaded or shared at any time.

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