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An append refers to an additional document that is attached or added to the Copyrights or Trade Secrets registrations. These additional documents can be used to provide further clarification, detail, or evidence related to specific terms or conditions. Some types of appends that can be added to a document are:

Non-disclosure agreements

NDAs are commonly used in business, legal, and employment contexts to protect trade secrets, sensitive information, and other confidential information. The agreement typically specifies what information is considered confidential.


An addendum is a document that is added to an existing contract or agreement to modify or supplement its terms. It is essentially an extension of the original contract and may be used to add new terms, revise existing terms, or clarify certain provisions.


A version typically refers to a specific edition or iteration of a legal document or contract. Each version of a legal document represents a particular point in time and may contain unique terms or provisions that distinguish it from other versions.It can also be used to add versions to a design, new versions of musical work, etc.

Board Assistance

Board Assistance documentation may include meeting agendas, reports, financial statements, minutes and others.