What is an appennds?

An addendum refers to an additional document that is attached or added to the copyright registrations. These additional documents may be used to provide further details or evidence related to specific terms or conditions.

Types of appends

Some types of appendices that may be added to a document are:


A version usually refers to a specific edition or iteration of a legal document or contract. Each version of a legal document represents a specific point in time and may contain unique terms or provisions that distinguish it from other versions. It can also be used to add versions to a design, new versions of a musical work, etc.


An addendum is a document that is added to an existing contract or agreement to modify or supplement its terms. It is essentially an expansion of the original contract and can be used to add new terms, revise existing terms, or clarify certain provisions.

Confidentiality agreements

Confidentiality agreements are often used in business, legal and employment contexts to protect trade secrets, sensitive information and other confidential information. The agreement usually specifies what information is considered confidential.

How do I add appends to my registry?

1️⃣ Select the category that represents your work.

2️⃣ Select the record you need to add something new to. You can only select one at a time.

3️⃣ You must select from your device the file containing the new version, addendum or agreement.

4️⃣ Choose a reference name, this can be constituted by a word, number, phrase or expression that serves to identify the registered file.

5️⃣ When you have checked that everything is correct, click on the "Submit" button to start the validation process.

A final confirmation message will appear on your screen, click "OK" and your registration will be processed immediately.

🎉 Your registration will be validated, you can check the status of your registrations by accessing the "My certificates" section on the main registration page.

This validation and registration process can take on average 20 minutes. Depending on server traffic, this process can be almost instantaneous or take longer than expected.

Felicidades, su registro está siendo procesadoOnce the registration process is completed, you can download the certificate or access it at any time from your application.


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