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We are pleased to present you with an exciting opportunity to join our reseller team and become part of the exciting world of copyright registrations. If you are looking for a way to generate additional revenue for your business, you have come to the right place.

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At, we understand the value of strong business partnerships and believe in a mutually beneficial relationship. Our reseller program has been designed with you in mind, giving you the ability to earn high profit margins by selling our copyright registration packages in physical or digital versions depending on the type of store or reseller need.

Our proposal is to provide a stock of physical or digital cards with redeemable codes, which can be sold in stores to artists, professionals and amateurs interested in protecting their works and innovations. By selling these cards, a profit margin is obtained on each sale, generating additional income to the associated businesses.

Redeemable cards

Cards with redeemable codes will allow users to access our copyright and intellectual property registration services on our online platform. By purchasing these cards, customers will be able to enjoy a simple and convenient registration process, ensuring the protection of their artistic and creative works.

In addition, we will offer you support and resources to promote and sell our products. Our team will provide you with customized marketing materials. We will also provide you with training and ongoing support to ensure your success in this business.

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Join us and discover how to turn your passion for copyright into a rewarding source of income. We are excited to have you on board and build a successful future in intellectual property protection together.

Don't wait any longer and join the reseller program today!

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