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First enter our application by creating a new user account or by logging in from your existing account. Once inside, you will find the registration tools for copyright, trade secret or appends. Next, we will explain step by step how to register:

1. Choose a category

It is very important to define the category in which you want to register your work, choose one of the options on the form.

2. Choose a title for your work

You must fill in the text field corresponding to the title or name of your creation.

3. Select a file from your device

Select the file you want to register from your device. (Supported files include .PDF, .JPEG, .WAV, MP3 and .MP4). A unique encrypted file ID of your work is instantly generated.

4. Enter participants and their roles

Enter participant information for each file. (Include the participant's role, creator's name, country of origin and national identification number). You can add as many collaborators as you like.

5. Review and submit

When you are satisfied, press the 'Submit' button to start the registration process. A final confirmation message will appear on your screen, press "OK" and you're done.

The registration will be processed immediately.

How to register a trade secret on

1. Choose a category

The first step is to choose the category to which your secret belongs.

Among them we can find: Formulas and Recipes, Industrial Designs, Manufacturing Processes and Methods, Source Codes, Databases, Business Strategies, Financial Information, Government Data, Startups and Investors.

Once you have selected the category that corresponds to your secret, click "Next" to continue.

2. Enter the owner information

In this second step, you will need to provide information about the owner of the trade secret.

The purpose of these fields is to establish the identity of the trade secret owner. This information is important for legal and administrative purposes.

On this page, depending on your situation, you can choose between two options, one in the name of a company and the other in a personal name.

If you choose to register on behalf of a company, you will need to enter the name of the company, add its identification number, select the country where the company is located and where the secret was created, and add the full name of the company's legal representative.

If you do it in a personal name, you must add the full name of the owner of the secret, select the country of the owner and add a national identification number.

Once the form is completed, press 'Next' to proceed to the third step of file selection.

3. Select a file from your device

Now you need to select the file to register that contains your trade secret.

Remember that this file is encrypted locally on your device. The original file will never be uploaded to the Internet.

The encrypted version of your document is the one that remains on file.

This ensures that the contents of the documents remain private and that the secret remains a secret. It is important to note that the original file should always be kept in a safe place.

You can now proceed to step four.

4. Enter a reference name

In this step, you must add a reference name to distinguish the enrolment certificate. You must not include any private or sensitive information.

Once you have entered the reference name, proceed to the final verification and registration section.

5. Review and submit

Here you must check that all the information you have entered is correct, as for security reasons once the registration is complete it cannot be edited, modified or deleted.

When you are completely satisfied, press the 'Submit' button to start the registration process. A final confirmation message will appear on your screen, press "OK" and you're done.

The registration process will begin immediately.

Relevant information

You can check the status of your registration by accessing the "My Registrations" page.

This validation and registration process takes an average of 20 minutes. Depending on server traffic, this process may be almost instantaneous or it may take longer than expected.

Once the registration process is complete, you can download the certificate or access it at any time from your application.

Remember that this certificate can be useful in case of legal disputes, as it provides documented proof of ownership of the trade secret.